The Idea

Bringing a slice of handcrafted Indonesian jewellery back to Perth to keep the holiday vibe alive!  

When I stumbled across a shop in Indonesia with beautiful necklaces I had to step inside.  Not realising this would completely change what I do for a career.  

Since that fateful day I have had the pleasure of building a wonderful relationships directly with producers of handmade accessories in various countries.

We have now branched out to work with other wonderful people who dedicate and sacrifice their lives to make someone else's life that little bit better.

Since January 2018 we are honoured to now support Perth born Leila Smith, who began fundraising and volunteering in Nepal in 2014 helping out at a school for underprivileged children followed by an orphanage and an animal welfare society,

Now living in Nepal Leila and her husband Suresh work tirelessly in their campaigns, which includes housing 4 children from Siripur to be part of their education program. Their other campaigns are 100 Jackets for 100 Children, supporting orphaned and abandoned children, purchasing of books, stationary, meals, clothing, hygiene products, supporting animal welfare and other local organisations.

Style & Quality

Working previously in the hairdressing industry and living with a professional cartoonist I appreciate art and the time and effort required to produce it.

I am always on the look out for new pieces as well as stocking classic pieces that will never go out of style.

I love sourcing pieces made from natural materials.  All the Ash & Oak beaded jewellery is made from  renewable Indonesian coffee and coconut wood.

The bonus of supporting other organisation is real win, win situation! Not only to we provide an income but we get to stock absolutely beautiful wares from Nepal, our all handmade felt product are made with the most vibrant colours and the skill of the felting is second to none. Believe me I have tried felting and it is very time consuming, and I have learnt to appreciate the skill if it and how much goes into some of the pieces we stock. I also love the fact it is all made from wool, spending time in the wool shed as a child I know the work that goes into the process of the products we stock.

100% Handmade

All Ash & Oak products are all handmade in Indonesia and Nepal, in Indonesia the jewellery is made only by stay at home Mum's who are able to work from home, earning an income whilst being able to provide for their children and families.

In Nepal once again all the products are all handmade by local small family business's which support many industries in Nepal to achieve the final product. The products are all sourced by Leila in turn sending them across to us Ash and Oak providing beautiful handmade wares

In this case we are supporting local small business's in Nepal and also providing an income for the Smith Rajak House.

We are very proud of our achievements, as it has been well over 3 years since our journey began,  we know where the money goes and we are making a difference in the lives of others.

As a mother of 18 year old Twins and a 13 year old, I have also worked around my family and I know how important it is to be their for them, no matter which country we live in, our culture or our situation we are all working to provide for our families.
It is very rewarding knowing that I can help do the same for other families.

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